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Osteria Valle is a new name and a new place, the restaurant with a domestic feel - its interior is inspired by the hospitable after war inns - it expresses the concept of traditional cuisine, welcoming and familiar, and in some cases reinterpreted and updated, able to meet the needs of the contemporary gourmet palates.

As tradition dictates, the quality and freshness of the ingredients will be at the base of each preparation. A prerogative well represented by a short and simple menu that aims straight to the palate without rhetoric, a careful selection of a few dishes will guarantee the goodness of what is proposed.

The selection of dishes, made to meet the different expectations and personal tastes of customers, will be joined by a small daily menu, made with fresh products that will vary according to what the seasons have to offer.  

Once or twice a week our kitchen will also offer a selection of traditional fish recipies, inspired from the good things of the past and prepared with skill, ensuring appetizing and inviting dishes.

As the philosophy of our own city suggests, the Osteria will be a small and welcoming place, well cared for and full of atmosphere.  A place where you can go back in time appreciating the furnishings and the flavors, a place that follows the natural evolution of tastes and palates, without renouncing the ambition to renew and innovate.

All art has been contemporary, the cuisine is Art.




Tue-Sun: 12.30-14.30


Tue-Sun: 19.30-22.30

Mon: Closed


Tel: 075 9976714



Via A Ciuffelli 17-19

06059 Todi, Umbria, Italy




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